About Get Funding Ideas

Need funding for your business venture? Investments? Personal use?

Get Funding Ideas is a practical and unique blog for you to use to discover creative funding ideas to fund your needs, whatever that is.

Led by Robert, me, we will share our very own methods that we’ve used to get funding as well as share other practical methods that we have heard of as well. We will share each method’s pros and cons, or as it’s referred to as in the financial world, risk.

Robert is a self made entrepreneur who has acquired his wealth from the ground up. He will share some of his actual experiences from his various business start ups and how he acquired the funding for them. As he puts it, sometimes while trying to create wealth, the understanding of fundamental principles is the more important key to wealth. So, we will have some bonus did bits to benefit from.

In all, we will be sharing very practical methods for acquiring funding for various needs. And in this connected world, it’s much easier. It’s the knowledge that is the actual barrier. You’ve come to the right place…

Get Funding Ideas

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